Ninos del Sol

A Revolutionary Children’s Home in Peru’s Sacred Valley

Niños del Sol is a children’s home in Peru where a group of children — all survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect — are being raised as a family.

This video gives a great overview of our history, our mission, and our kids.

A Revolution in Love and Healing

At Niños del Sol, these kids are raised in a home filled with love where they can heal, grow, and receive the tools they need to break the negative cycles in their families for all future generations. 

We’re not just sheltering orphans — we’re raising the leaders of tomorrow.

Our kids learn through chores, yoga, meditation, music, and group experiences under the supervision of long-term staff who care deeply about them. We know they are healing when we see them treat one another with kindness and respect, and when they succeed in school. Most of our kids are at the top of their classes. 

Our Executive Director, Viviana Martinez, has a background in both transpersonal psychology and Kundalini yoga. Our Associate Director, Avishai Pearlson, has taught mindfulness and worked with youth for decades. Under their direction, we are gently guiding the children into adulthood as they heal.

Nourishing Body & Soul

Our kids know how to grow food organically, and they take turns preparing nourishing meals for one another. 

Learning yoga, mindfulness, and meditation helps them deal with the pressures of adolescence and young adulthood.

100% of our funding comes from a loving community of individual donors like you. Our donors love celebrating the kids’ success with us as they grow into young adults.

Our Groundbreaking Educational Initiative

Kids who are “in the system” often find themselves facing a tragic lack of support when they’ve finished high school, during a vulnerable time of life that will lay the foundation for their future.

That’s why we provide a second home —an apartment in Cusco — to support our college-age kids while they follow their dreams and live semi-independently.

Our kids have earned this support. One of our girls was the youngest ever admitted to the Chemical Engineering program at Cusco University. Others are studying economics, tourism, international business, and graphic arts. Our college kids are beating the odds and laying the groundwork to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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100% of our funding comes from a loving community of individual donors like you. We don’t receive any government support, grants, or corporate funding.

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